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GL50 Properties was found in 2000 by James Perkins and named after the primary postcode within the Cheltenham area – home to James’s first large restoration project.

Having now restored many outstanding listed buildings throughout England to their former splendour, GL50 is now considered one of the UK’s leading restoration specialists. Our ability to undo so much of the architectural vandalism which has occurred since the 1960’s and the approach we take to provide long term planning solutions have been important factors in our success.

James Perkins lists one of his mentors as Sir John Soane – the architect for the original Bank of England. Soane’s approach to classical architecture was in fact progressive with great emphasis on light, space, and symmetry. He too incorporated many “cutting edge” building techniques, enabling the combination of traditional and modern to come together to provide us with buildings which are just as important today as they were when originally build.

Soane also recognised that buildings should not only be impressive, but also great to live in and it is this ethos which GL50 is carrying forward today.

The experience gained from our own projects allows potential clients to fulfil other wise out of reach developments and renovation projects.

GL50 has considerable experience with large important buildings and cutting edge modern designs – domestic and commercial.

We can offer services suited to clients requirements:


          We offer a clear and proactive planning service at fee levels that make risk viable.

          New build

          Extensions and additions

          Change of use

          Sensitive and difficult developments

          Sustainable and ethical

          We realise the best advice is essential and leave nothing to chance


GL50 offers a contract and project management service which is second to none. A flexible and transparent relationship with clients has enabled successful completion of many schemes in London and across the country.


Over the past nine years we have built a highly skilled team of tradesmen and sub-contract specialists. The level of expertise and most importantly productivity allows even the largest scheme to come in on target.

Architectural Awards 2006 – Dowdeswell Court was awarded a Commendation from the Georgian Group for the restoration of a Georgian Country House.

Architectural Awards 2009 – Aynhoe Park was awarded from the Georgian Group for the restoration of a Georgian Country House.

BD Architect of the Year Award 2011 - The Round Tower - One - off Houses

Roses Design Awards 2011 - The Round Tower - Best Re-use of Listed Building and Best Extension to Listed Building.

RIBA 2012 - The Round Tower - Currently the finalist.



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